The problem that many webmasters face today is ensuring their website is both user-friendly and appealing in order to attract the right audience.  The right audience are the individual visitors that will most likely find your website relevant, useful and of value to them.  A great way to achieve this is to consider a joint venture with a website that offers products or services that are complementary to yours, but is not a direct competitor.  This will enable you to offer your visitors a valuable deal that is truly unique to your website.  Websites that provide a great user experience are those that incorporate user-friendly navigational elements that make it easy for visitors to explore a website.
A growing number of individuals are using smart phones and tablets as their primary computing device.  There are pros and cons to either adding a responsive design to an existing website or creating a separate website specifically for mobile browsers.  Creating a stand alone mobile website enables you to present your website in a mobile friendly format that gives users the ability to make choices quickly and easily.  The most difficult part about keeping your website fresh and interesting on a regular basis is creating content that will be appealing to site visitors and build trust over time.  Consider creating content about trending topics that are relevant to your website. By analyzing which content gets shared the most, you will gain a better understanding of the type of content your audience finds most relevant to them.

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