Developers find themselves battling to choose between Objective-C and SWIFT as both the languages are fiercest competitors nowadays. Still many of the views showed  that Swift is better as compared to Objective-C. It is easy to read due to fact that it has less codes. Typically Swift can help reduce lines of code to a great extent, it can reduce 75000 lines to a mere 25000 lines without sacrificing the performance. Objective-C contains  API legacy which makes it slower while Swift is considered to have the fastest algorithm in terms of performance approaching C++ in that regard. Although Swift 1.2 was found to be a little slower that the competitor, Apple is making efforts to improve the speed with pretty successful results recently. Swift 2.0 was able to beat C++ when tested for many computing algorithms.

Various mistakes which are possibly shown in Objective-C can be overcome using Swift with its unique syntax and simplified language constructions. Swift Playgrounds has given the developers a whole new platform of opportunities. The developers can test code without having bulky pieces or a whole app. Moving on from Apple platforms alone Swift is expanding on Linux making it the most portable platform which Objective-C is far from being. Initiatives are in progress to bring Swift in Android development as well and is one of the most promising future plans. Apart from so many advantages, it is possible to use Swift as a script language.


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