pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality  game for mobile phones. A huge multiplayer online GPS-dependent game app developed engages people to search areas to find Pokemon in the real world with the use of augmented reality  (AR). It uses GPS coordinate to mark the location of various Pokemon within real-life views captured by the phones’ cameras. To play with this, we have to be physically near targets on the map to interact with them. Pokemon Go is already on pace to surpass Twitter  in daily active users. But the app needs lots of permissions – location data, camera and more and that is where it open the gate to collect user enormous data. It’s done to make mass geolocation and its metadata collection fun from the primary market  who will install it with a sense of nostalgia and then to engage them .


Pokémon Go is so popular because it has immersed players into its unique universe more so than any video game in history. Essentially, Pokémon Go taps into the very core of what made Pokémon successful in the first place. Familiar places like your home and your office are completely different now that they’re filled with Pokémon. People are unabashedly running around in public talking about and catching Pokémon, so you can see the game no matter where you are. Suddenly, you don’t have that feeling of emptiness anymore, because even if your phone is in your pocket, Pokémon are all around you.

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