Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a powerful marketing channel for nearly every business. In today’s world, it is almost a necessity for any business to invest in paid search. There are many facts you may already know about PPC, such as the importance of your website’s quality score and the need for content, but below listed  a few things you may not be aware of like  :: More than 50% of paid search clicks are mobile, which means it is imperative you have a mobile-friendly and responsive website to accommodate your audience’s web traffic.


Even though your SEO strategy is top-notch and you rank well organically for particular keywords, paid search clicks will often outnumber your organic clicks.  Considering that most of the population is well aware of what television, print and even most digital advertisements look like, it can be easy to think internet users recognize the difference between paid and organic search results. Utilizing a platform’s ability to eliminate less likely conversions through negative keyword selection can improve the effectiveness of your campaign. Adding negative keywords like “discounted” and “free” can keep you from wasting your time on people not willing to make an investment in your product. If considering launching a PPC campaign for your business feel free to contact Onclick Solutions.


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