Elasticsearch is a distributed open source, full text search and analytics engine. It is powered by Lucene, a powerful open-source full-text search library. Elasticsearch is an open-source, broadly-distributable, readily-scalable, enterprise-grade search engine. Accessible through an extensive and elaborate API, ELASTICSEARCH can power extremely fast searches that support your data discovery applications. It provides fast data retrieving because it allows cluster and node thing and the way of storage by distributing data in index , then it’s worked on shards n replicas that makes it faster to search. The core features that are required to build applications for powerful searches are found in Elasticsearch that range from the intranet to the searches of e-commerce websites. For e-commerce related websites, it gives the option for enabling a high level of reliability, flexibility, relevance, etc. and some particular features that help in conversion and retention.

– Elasticsearch is primarily used when there is a lot of text. Traditional RDBMS don’t perform well for text search. Elasticsearch is highly customizable, extendable through plugins. One can build robust search without much knowledge quite fast.

– Along with Logstash, it is used to store and centralize logs from various sources. Integrating Kibana lets one connect to Elasticsearch cluster and create visualizations straight away. GrayLog is also using ElasticSearch as backend to store logs.

– The ELK stack can interactively search, discover, and analyze to gain insights that improve your products. It is used in the analysis of time-series data such as social media.

– Combining above uses, Elasticsearch enables enterprise search which includes Document Search, E-commerce product search, blog search, people search, site search in all its forms.

A huge amount of data affects the usability of the system performance and query response time. Using Elastic search query response time can significantly reduced.


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