E- COMMERCE, is the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services using computer networks. The first generation of e-commerce was all about finding and celebrating the many things people would buy online. It was about efficiencies and data driving larger inventories, cheaper prices and reliable, low-cost delivery. This was dramatic and disruptive; new worlds of commercial opportunity opened. It was important to be online. The rise of everything being offered as a service, or available by delivery, helps.

As does the fact that e-commerce has gone mobile, moving into social, picture, video and streaming platforms. From Twitter and Snapchat to Pinterest, we are seeing a broad array of communication systems embrace mobile commerce opportunities.The arrival of easy mobile payment options will drive the next phase of enhanced mobile commerce to evolve. We see Shopify as the harbinger of a new generation of e-commerce and mobile commerce companies poised to grab an increasing share of the growing portion of online selling and buying  . E-commerce and mobile device e-commerce are growing, and growing up, fast. E-commerce 2.0 is mobile-centric, and all about consumer experience and niche marketing based on A/B testing and data analytics. Shopify’s app environment and API group offers mobile and creative possibilities to small and midsized companies. We see the next generation of mobile commerce and e-commerce companies as fundamentally different from the last generation. New mobile commerce and e-commerce experiences will need to be unique, emotive and meaningful. E-commerce and mobile commerce will grow closer, and tastes and niches will need to be delicately attended. E-commerce has grown up and moved on .

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