A website can enhance your brand awareness and boost sales, but it can also be very confusing. How do you know what works in your website, and what doesn’t? Onclick Innovations can help you with your on-line marketing strategy and have your website working for you in no time. Does your website match your business model? Do you plan to sell products through your website? If so, does your site have an e-commerce portion? Is your website full of information about your company, but does not provide a way to contact you? We will look at your business model and your website, and see what disconnects are losing you customers, or even sales.

Onclick is an expert at looking through these data, and finding out the bigger picture. Why are visitors only getting to one page on your site? Why are they leaving right after landing at your home page? We will be able to answer these questions and much more. SEM, SEO and social media assessment Search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media are extremely valuable to any on-line marketing campaign. If you have already used these tools in your on-line marketing strategy, Onclick will assess what worked properly and what did not.  Perhaps you’ve made a few changes to your website, and can’t understand why it’s not bringing very many visitors. Perhaps you’ve added some SEO (search engine optimization) keywords, but aren’t showing up in the search rankings. Onclick will look at your site as a whole and provide recommendations to improve your site and its traffic, and boost your sales.


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