The versatility of WEB APPs provide an enriched and interactive environment that can be used on any modern smartphone. Not only can they be used effectively for productivity gains but are powerful marketing tools as well, providing business opportunities. One of the drawbacks of the original native apps for marketing is that they require the potential customer to download and install the application, whereas web apps, by comparison, can be accessed by any smartphone with a browser installed. This enables the customer to participate without making a commitment, makes distribution easy, and has no compatibility issues for different platforms.

A web app with a marketing focus might provide some particular features or functionality, real time content that’s much more easily accessed than on your website, and hence more likely to be viewed.  As we know, content marketing is very important part of any online marketing strategy and a web app makes it easy to distribute new content without the need for the user to upgrade an app. Specific functionality also can be a powerful marketing tool, and can directly enhance the customer experience. Web apps have many other advantages, like it is cost effective. A web app solution will function across all platforms, you don’t need a separate app for Apple or Android etc. Web apps are instantly available, no downloading and installing required. As the content is served up from a central server, a simple editing tool allows for updates of content to be processed in quickly and easily. Web apps use the smartphone browser and are compatible across all devices. Web apps are hosted in a server environment, security is much easier to control. Development of web apps is typically faster than for native apps, and updates can processed without any downloading required by the user. We can help bringing a long experience to the development of an online marketing strategy. If you have an idea for  Web app, whether that’s for marketing or improving your customers’ experience.


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