Features of Laravel 5.0 unlike Laravel 4::

  • The old app directory has been entirely removed.
  • Controllers, middleware, and requests in Laravel 5.0 are now grouped under the app/Http  directory.
  • A new app directory replaces the app/start  files from previous versions of Laravel 4.x.
  • Application language files and views have been moved to the resources directory.
  • All major Laravel components implement interfaces which are located in the illuminate/contracts  repository.
  • New route Cache  Artisan command to drastically speed up the registration of ones  routes.
  • Laravel 5  supports HTTP middleware, and the included authentication and CSRF  “filters” have been converted to middleware.
  • One may type-hint dependencies on controller methods.
  • User registration, authentication, and password reset controllers are included out of the box, as well as simple corresponding views,  which are located at resources.
    One may define events as objects instead of simply using strings
  • In addition to the queue job format supported in Laravel 4, Laravel 5  allows one to represent queued jobs as simple command objects.  These commands live in the app/Commands directory.
  • Laravel command scheduler allows one to fluently and expressively define the command schedule within Laravel itself.
  • Laravel 5 utilizes DotEnv.
  • Laravel Elixir, provides a fluent, expressive  interface to compiling and concatenating the assets.
  • Laravel 5.0 introduces form requests, which extend the Illuminate\Foundation\Http\FormRequest class.
  • The Laravel 5 base controller includes a ValidatesRequests trait. This trait provides a simple validate method to validate incoming requests.
  • Addition of new Artisan generator commands  to the framework.


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