Some of the biggest and best companies in the world use Content Marketing, in the form of e-books, webinars, white papers and the like. Online publishing has just made it far easier and cheaper to do professionally, and social media has made relationship-building and brand following steadily easier. Where research is first step to develop a great content. One must research the topic before writing about to present right examples and surprising facts about topic which will draw more engagement. Here are some points not to avoid in content marketing::


  • Content is the tool which can be used to target a lot of keywords. You can’t target all keywords in just your HTML tags. So, before writing content create a plan to target at least 10 good quality keywords and ensure you fit most of them in first 100 words of content.
  • Not just in content but in every other domain, quality matters more than quantity. Content marketers must not compromise with quality to increase quantity of content.
  • There are huge number of information sources which provide a lot of information and have a lot of content. Story telling imparts a interest factor in content. If you are just delivering information it can be boring but if you deliver stories, you will deliver interesting content which will engage the audience.
  • Most of the writers love to write content but  hate proofreading. But proofreading is very important before publishing content. It will help you figure out common spelling and contextual mistakes in content making it more reliable.


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