Gradually web design has encountered with many modifications, from the original text page to the current popular responsive web. The innovation of information technology continuously pushing forward changes in web design. Under the active development of the design wave, the web designers are increasingly concerned about the development of the design trend.

-More and more companies are turning to large, bold typography to anchor their home page. This style is best suited for simple page layouts. The new trend will be enhancing the colorful gradients as eye-catching design to make things look more fresh and modern. Staggered, overlay colors add depth and texture to simple site layouts as color wields sway over our attitudes and emotions for prodigious website conversions. Intelligent chatbot and conversation interface for smart assistants. The VR technology could be able to experience in the browser now. The designer now need to get it fit with the web design. The need to make those web design that can turn to emotional intelligence design. In addition to the cooperation on design sprint, designers and developers will use the software to improve collaboration. Eventually micro-interaction will be more and more applicable in mobile applications, and become more specifically for the mobile device. Also there are many other ways a website can communicate trustworthiness is the quality of the design, through transparency, content and a comprehensive background.


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