Neo4j, the Graph Database, an open-source, high-performance, enterprise-grade NOSQL graph database. Neo4J is a robust transactional property graph database. Neo4j is world’s leading graph database management system. Neo4j is NoSQL graph database implemented in Java, Scala and accessible from software written in other languages. Neo4j  excels at managing data with interesting relationships and at exploiting the relationships. It provides a robust server and Domain Specific Language (DSL) called Cypher that you use to create, update, query, explore & discover new data & relationships.  Cypher is something like SQL, but designed to manage graph data. Nodes and edges with attributes are key to Neo4J rather than Tables with relational keys. Data is modelled as Nodes or Edges each with properties and labels which forms a graph. Hence, Neo4J is classified as a Graph Database. Neo4j is the most popular graph database and implements efficiently the Property Graph Model. Neo4j provides full database characteristics, including ACID transaction compliance, cluster support, and runtime failover making it suitable to use graph data in production scenarios. It is highly scalable, native graph database built to leverage of data and their relation. It delivers constant real-time performance, which enables enterprises to build applications to meet  evolving data challenges.

Features of Neo4j-

  1. Flexible schema
  2. Scaling and Performance
  3. Drivers for popular languages and frameworks
  4. Cloud ready
  5. Powerful Cypher Query language
  6. Data Import
  7. Hot Backups


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