KIBANA is a platform for analytics and visualization that allows one to explore, visualize, and build dashboards on top of the log data stored in Elasticsearch clusters. One can perform advanced data analysis and visualize data in a variety of types of charts, tables, and maps. Many modern IT organizations  such as Netflix and Linkedin use the the popular ELK Stack  where ELK refers to Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana for log management. Using Kibana within this stack makes it simple to deploy and use visualizations. Once the ELK stack is installed, one will be able to access.  Kibana’s simple and easy-to-use dashboard can be used by anyone, even business users with minimal IT skills and knowledge. Kibana developer tools offer powerful ways to help one author requests and manage your cluster.  Kibana has everything to become powerful BI tool. It is powerful as base installation and there is plugin system and you are free to introduce changes into the core itself in case of you miss something. Kibana gives one the freedom to select the way one give shape to one’s data. Kibana is a great example of a front-end interface that makes good use of facets.

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