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Ionic a beautiful, open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. Ionic is a powerful HTML5 SDK that helps one to build native-feeling mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Ionic mainly focuses on the look and feel, and UI interaction of the apps. Ionic simply fits well in projects in order to simplify one big part of your app “the front end”. The plus points of Ionic is it is on top of Angular and it is having a big community.

Ionic for hybrid app development:

  • IONIC is HTML5 Hybrid Framework where one can build the Mobile Apps using the Top Open Source Web Technologies like HTML, CSS and the JavaScript for the Apps Development. We can also use the Cordova for the IONIC Apps development and other New Google Material Design Concept in Apps for work Faster. IONIC able to run any custom code using the Angular, Node and other Latest Ionic uses multi-platform UI, it is consistent and this makes compatible with most of the mobile devices. It integrates with most of the plugins, add-ons, and modules for AngularJS and Cordova, in addition to its own quite extensive shop. Ionic is significantly enhanced and improved compared to the previous versions.


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