Drupal 8 has all the capabilities of the original one. From SEO friendliness to security, accessibility, community support, it has everything to make it the best platform for e-commerce web development. It has brought in a lot of changes. There are significant differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. These differences doesn’t mean that one version is better than the other. Both are extremely good CMS in their own right and the choice mainly depends on the user’s requirements. Drupal 8 have the features that boost the Online Marketing Strategy. Marketing is a key business function that is essential for its growth. Drupal 8 has a number of outstanding features that make it a perfect choice for developing powerful digital strategies for an online venture

Drupal 7 Advantages

  • Wider Support
  • More Modules
  • More Themes
  • Very stable
  • More help and documentation
  • Default theme engine is PHPTemplate

Drupal 8 Advantages

  • Most recent version
  • Will have longer duration of official support
  • The core comprises of the most popular modules
  • CKEditor included by default
  • Enhanced support for HTML5
  • Quicker Framework
  • Multilingual Add-ons

 There are a lot of major and minor differences between the two versions. At the end deciding which version to go with depends entirely upon the user requirements.


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