DevOps a technology and futuristic trend that is changing the wind of Information Technology by facilitating organizations with next-generation performance and agility. It describes the emerging understanding of  the interdependence of development and operations for IT organizations  to meet the business’ goal of producing timely software products. DevOps evolved from existing software development strategies/methodologies in response to business needs. Hence, we can say DevOps is a Software Development approach which involves Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring of the software throughout its development life cycle. It sets up better collaboration and communication amongst the two business units.

By adopting the DevOps approach, IT companies can create a more efficient and agile environment for their staff as well as clients. DevOps is the set of practices which can help organisation to reduce their go to market cycle time by improving and enhancing everything from inception to delivery, if planned properly DevOps can help companies up to 50% of cycle time reduction to their delivery pipeline. DevOps can help companies to release features faster also ensuring the better quality to their customers. DevOps helps in better co-ordination between the multiple stakeholders mostly categorised as Operations, Development and QA team, which results in faster development hence enable companies to faster deployment of their products and features with better quality and less bugs. DevOps helps companies to achieve continues integration, verification, delivery and deployment thus reduces the go to market time and cost drastically.


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