AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)  a modern web design technique that allows for more interactivity by making webpages that fetch data in the background and alter themselves without reloading the entire page. This helps to make a page feel much more like an application than a web page. AJAX is a way of working with existing technologies HTML, JavaScript, CSS and the XMLHttpRequest object rather than a new piece of technology in itself. Originally Asynchronous Javascript and XML  referring more broadly to the general technique of making requests from the browser to the server without reloading a webpage. Making of the request can come in different fashions.

The main features of AJAX is it make web-page faster, ajax allow reload only important part of web-page not complete website or web-page.

  1. It make web page faster.
  2. Independent of server technology.
  3. Increase the Performance of web page.
  4. No need to pushing on a submit button and reloading the complete website.
  5. No need to reload the whole page only some part of page is reloaded which is required to reload.
  6. Apart from obtaining the XML HTTP object, all processing is same for all browser types, because JavaScript is used.
  7. Using ajax one can make more interactive web applications.
  8. Not require to completely reload page due to this server use less bandwidth


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